Friday, February 24, 2006

Another Proud Moment

Today, Bianca's teacher told me that they had just tested her reading skills. And they were very impressed. The exact words she used were "she blew me away!". I was told that other students have not quite reached this level. So next week she will be given additional readers to work on at home.

I know, I've said it before but ... I am so so proud of my daughter! I wish we knew what was the secret to her success. Honestly, I still don't know what we did to get such results. Yes, we have exposed them to books from an early age but really no more than bedtime stories. And its not like we monitor the time they read, play, spend on TV and computer games. We don't really have a strict routine at home. Whatever it is, I'm just glad its working for Bianca, and our little boy as well.

Could it also be that my time off work since she was born really made a difference? And just sitting down with her to read a book or two a day really helps? I hope so. Now that she's in school and Nico has been learning to be more independent, I've been wondering about going back to part-time work before the end of the year. But given these results, maybe I should consider waiting another year or so when Nico goes of to school just so that her little brother has the same headstart. Hmmm ... ?


Dominique said...

So, the reward for good work is...more work! Sounds like IBM! Ha ha, just kidding. I'm happy for you.

Che-ann said...

Definitely your "self-sacrifice" made the difference. I'm happy for you. Congratulations Bianca and much more to Mommy!

Meme said...

Awww ... thanks you guys. But the minute they go off the rails, its all their own!