Saturday, February 11, 2006

Health Kick

Sounds like my dear sister is on a diet. This reminds me that my wife and I have also decided to live a little bit healthier this year after we saw the results of my yearly blood test. As expected, cholesterol is high ( more bad cholesterol than good ) and we've resolved to do better with our own health this year. We're doing walks around the neighbourhood parks, eating healthier and less dining out at the fast food joints.

I don't want to part with my money to go to the gym yet so we're looking for ways to incorporate a healthier lifestyle into our routine. I hope we can keep it up.


tater said...

dapat na lang ka mag healthy living kay para walay mag pa consulta nya nako!!!! bwahahahahahah

chaz said...

Bitaw lagi.. sige ra gyud, tanaw-on lang nato ni. :D