Saturday, February 11, 2006

(Mattress) Separation Anxiety

We ordered new bed mattresses for the kids that arrived today. They've been using old mattresses for a while now and it was about time that we got them new ones. We just bought them mattresses this time as we were waiting for the IKEA to open in Adelaide before we got the bed frames.

Although the mattresses are now in their room, we're having a few issues convincing our daughter to let go of her old mattress. She's been upset ever since we told her that we were replacing her old bed. She insists on keeping the old bed, saying that she "Loves it" and that she'll "Miss it".

Anyway, we sat her down and explained to her about how we needed the space and how sometimes old things needs to be thrown out or given away. Of course, we had to go through a few tissues because she was in the middle of a full blown tantrum by then. We finally got her to calm down and have her give the new mattress a chance. We think we got her to understand about letting go of some old things. Although I had to tell her that some old things, like her old teddy bear, won't go anywhere any time soon.

At any rate, she's asleep and quiet now in her new bed. It's amazing how she can be so emotional and attached to inanimate objects. I know it won't be the last time we'd have to soothe her tears and deal with her tantrums but that's what parents are for, aint it?

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