Saturday, August 09, 2008

A Night Out

The wife had an office function last night. It was a dinner out with the grown-ups and we decided to go. For the first time, we actually left the kids over at our friends' place and the wife and I had a nice proper dinner out, albeit with several other people! We were at first anxious about leaving the kids but because we've known our friends for a long time now we weren't really worried.

We actually arrived early at the Indian restaurant so we killed some time walking around Rundle Street, one of Adelaide's night out spots. It was still really cold, not really walking around weather but it wasn't long when we were all seated in the warm restaurant with my wife's co-workers.

Dinner was nice and quite a change for us without the kids. We had a good time and the night just went past so quickly we found ourselves driving back to pick up the kids soon enough.

We were glad to know our kids behaved themselves. So much so that we could find ourselves making this into a habit! :)

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