Friday, August 29, 2008

Olympians At School

Olympians At School
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This morning, Claire Woods and her fiancé Jared Tallent, both Australian Olympic athletes visited the kids school.

It was awesome to see them both as Jared brought his Silver and Bronze medals along. Claire is actually an old scholar ( alumnus ) of the kids school so it was terrific to see them come and talk to the kids.

To think they are actually going to get married tomorrow and still took time out to come meet with the children says a lot.

The kids were clearly excited to see them as it was all a bit of a surprise. We were there because it was our boy's assembly day and he had a part to play being one of the commentators. We had no idea that they were having such distinguished guests this morning so it was also quite exciting for both the wife and I to see Claire and Jarrod in their Australian tracksuits. We saw these athletes on the TV from Beijing a couple of weeks ago and to see them at our kids school was quite a thrill, even for us parents.

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