Saturday, August 30, 2008

Better Homes and Gardens

We watch Better Homes and Gardens every week. It's one of the few shows we all watch together as a family and is actually one of our favourite TV shows. So, when we learned that they were shooting an episode in Adelaide, we wanted to catch the team in action. They were actually shooting at a Bunnings Warehouse store, sort of like a huge hardware chain store, close by and we were lucky enough to come in just in time for them to shoot some of the opening sequences.

The kids were even able to get a picture taken with one of the presenters, Tara Dennis. Unfortunately, the little boy was a bit shy and missed his chance to have his picture taken with Rob Palmer, the builder in the show. The boy always likes Rob's segments on TV when he starts building stuff. He always says he wants to be a builder someday and Rob is like an idol to him.

At any rate, we stayed around a bit to watch some of Fast Ed's cooking segment but too many people started crowding around so we decided to head home. We got Olympians yesterday and today we had TV celebrities. It's been an exciting weekend so far.

Maybe we might end up on the TV show one of these days, hehehe.


zaizee said...

Even though i don't know those people.. WOW! hehe.

chaz said...

Hehehe, well we watch them every week so it was cool to actually see them in person... hey hope the hurricane isn't too bad...