Thursday, May 01, 2008

School Concert with Andrew Chinn

We just came back from a little concert by Andrew Chinn held at our kids' school. Andrew Chinn is a Christian music performer and his songs have been used a lot of times in our kid's school before and this was the first time we was able to perform there.

The concert itself started earlier in the evening so after picking the kids up from school, we had a quick dinner, got cleaned up and went back to school again. We were there early but it didn't take long for the hall to be filled up with parents and their excited kids. When the concert began all of the kids sat in the front and they actually had turns to sing with Andrew. The tunes were quite catchy and because the kids were practicing them all week long we were even able to sing along for some of them.

We had a lovely time and the kids were double excited because they actually got to perform the songs as well. At the end of the concert we got one of his CD's so it's going to get a lot of play time around here I'm sure.

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