Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ach Ach Boom Traach

When our girl first heard of the ASSITEJ Performing Arts Festival coming to Adelaide, she insisted that we at least go watch one of the various performances that was going to be shown. ASSITEJ is a huge thing in the artist community and a great opportunity for us here in Adelaide to see some of these artists show their stuff, so to speak. The festival itself is actually geared for kids and young children and have different shows to suit. The family decided on watching Ach Ach Boom Traach, a little performance about playing brothers.

Two brothers are left alone, playing together. Their language is basic and they barely talk. They quarrel, grow close, then argue again.

At times one triumphs, and then the other – the balance of power swings back and forth.

Above them is a pretty box, the centre of their attention. They are unable to open it and each wants it only for himself. The rift between the brothers widens as they grow older, and the bone of contention is always the pretty box.

The brothers go to war. And the war ends up in a stalemate. After they cruelly insult, humiliate and hurt each other, they settle down to an uneasy truce.

Then the box opens up by itself...

It was actually quite enjoyable and it held our kids attention for the whole time. The stage or performance area itself was bare and uncluttered except for some colorful props of pieces of cloth, boxes and of course, the mysterious box.

There were genuine laugh out loud moments and the performance itself was very accessible to our kids. Although the actors performed in a different language,( not sure if it was actually a made-up one but I think it could have been in Jewish or Yiddish ), we could actually follow the story and enjoyed it.

In the end, the kids easily picked up the play's message and quite a few laughs. Unfortunately, I don't think we can catch any of the other performances but if Ach Ach Boom Traach is anything to go by I'm sure they're all entertaining and enjoyable.

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