Saturday, May 17, 2008

Daing na Bangus

This is typical Filipino breakfast fare. Bangus, or milkfish, is marinated in a mix of vinegar, garlic and spices and served fried as breakfast fare. The fish is actually store bought and I cooked and served it up as a part of a "balanced" breakfast of eggs, garlic fried rice and home-made atchara. It's a good thing we can get Pinoy food here in Adelaide as one sometimes misses these tastes of the old country.


jhermie said...

yummy! where do you buy pinoy food? my hubby said there's an asian store but haven't been there yet. thanks!

chaz said...

Thanks jhermie! :) Welcome to Adelaide!

You can get a lot of Pinoy Food over at the store along Henley Beach road. There's an Asian supermarket next to the ANZ bank.

If you live in the northeast, there's a Pinoy takeaway shop in Ingle Farm Shopping Centre. If you live in the west, there's there's the Filipino Bakehouse in Port Adelaide along Commercial Road.

Hope this helps you out. :)