Saturday, May 31, 2008

Latest Addition to the Family

Let us all welcome the latest addition to our family ..... my new Macbook! It's a white 13-inch white Macbook, sometimes affectionally called my 'Polarbear'. Its hard to believe that after all my years in IT, this is the very first time I purchased a laptop for myself. And what a beauty it is! Certainly worth the wait. :-)

Its took me quite a while before deciding on to take this step, whether it was worth getting a Mac instead of a PC since all my work stuff runs on Windows . Hubby made a pretty good argument that since MS Office runs well on OS X, there should not be a problem to read email and open documents. As for my work stuff that only runs on Windows, we set up a Virtual Machine running on Windows XP. In the end with all bases covered, I guess he was right. Its great value for money too since its about 30% more than the equivalent Windows laptop, without the need for virus protection software.

Its only been a couple of weeks now, and I've managed to work from home a couple of times already. Having fun installing software (how geeky is that!) and building my ITunes library. Really loving the fact that I can take it anywhere at home, since its the perfect size for me.

Now my next dilemna is ... do I get a backpack or a shoulder bag for when I want to take it outside the house? Ah, choices, choices.

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Dominique said...

I thought Chaz was your Polar Bear....