Friday, May 04, 2007

Naughty Corner

Once in a while, our little boy throws his tantrums. We use a naughty corner technique, we have him sit at the corner when he's intentionally being naughty. It's been sort of working so far but lately, I fear that it no longer as effective as we'd hoped.

One time, we were having dinner and the boy was being especially difficult and refusing to eat what I prepared for him. It got to a point when I tried to use the naughty corner. I told him that he was being naughty and asked him if wanted to go to the corner. To my surprise, he nodded his head in agreement! He voluntarily stayed at the corner but kept crying and waited till I asked him to come back to dinner.

I think the threat of the naughty corner has been diminished now so I guess we'd have to find another way to get our message through to this clever little boy...

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