Friday, May 04, 2007


It's always tough to entertain the kids during the school holidays. These school holidays past, we bought the kids a Lego set thinking that it would keep them busy at home and we were right. Turned out, not only was it entertaining for the kids, it was also entertaining for the parents as well. It was fun playing with the bricks again. The kids were challenged to follow the instructions to create some of the Lego constructs.

I remember having a Lego set growing up and creating little tiny worlds with it. Of course, we'd lose the bricks from time to time and we ended up having less and less bricks to play with. The wife never had Lego growing up so she got sort of addicted playing with the bricks, hence the many little houses, windmills, animals and fruit shapes around the kids play table today.

By the way, our little girl was interested in this blog post. She was reading over my shoulder as I typed this and she wanted to type her own stuff here as well. I'm just typing this for her but this is what she said:

The grownups are also interested as well. And, we also made a fruit building. First we made a fruit. The first thing we made was the banana. Then we did a watermelon. And we did a pear. And an orange. And just half a tomato, two of them. We first put the banana at the bottom. And then we put the watermelon. And we put the two tomatoes on the banana. And then we put the orange and then we put the pear. And then, I made a fast vehicle that's easy to use. It could, like, carry trees, and we could put two people on to it. And, then but before that, we made a windmill. a house, and a truck. But now, we made a different kind of truck.

We made animals. We made the elephant, giraffe and a cow but the boy calls it a sheep. I like Lego because it's also like the same as Lego Star Wars which is a video game. And the boy always wants to play it all the time. And he also likes sleeping during the television.


bongu said...

hahaha nice!! I enjoyed that...I can actually hear her saying the words...

chaz said...

Thanks Bong, pati na rin ata ako naa-addict sa Lego!