Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lego Star Wars

On the subject of Lego, I bought a new game a few weeks ago, Lego Star Wars. It's actually the first game I've bought in a long long time. I bought it for two reasons, one, it was on sale and two, it was rated G and therefore, I thought, OK for my own kids to play. Turns out, it's actually a fun game and the kids actually quite enjoyed playing it together and with me.

My kids never used to handle the PS2 controllers before and most of the time, when they played with the Playstation, it was always playing with the EyeToy, the PS2 camera, so there weren't really any buttons to push. This time around, they took to playing with Lego Star Wars very well. It only took them a few minutes to get used to the controls and what buttons to push and they were up and running. My kids and I actually play it now together. My wife is none too happy to see her kids just zoning out in front of video games though but it's actually a funny feeling to be able to share something like this with the boy and girl. It's like sharing some of my geekiness with them, passing on the geek gene.

Actually, it's the boy who likes to play it a lot and I would have to tell him to wait for the weekend so we can play together. He almost always wants to play with me but once in a while his mom would join in. She's not a actually a big video game player like I am. One time, the boy and her were playing Lego Star Wars and were stuck at a particular level. The boy tried his best to navigate through it and was barking orders to his mom to do the some of the moves. Unfortunately for him, his mom wasn't exactly able to follow him and in frustration he went to console, he turned around to his Mom and said, "I'm so sorry mommy, you're not good at this" and he pushed the button to reset the machine.

Needless to say, the wife and I had good laugh about it afterwards.

And by the way, Happy Mother's Day! :)


zaizee said...

haha! Nico's so demanding.. tsk tsk. Belated Happy Mother's Day to Manang!

By the way, Bubu's Luurrvvess that game too. One time after school on a Monday, he went straight to Manong Fritz's room and played that game. Right after he was done with homework, of course. I went in the room and the kid said, "Manang Saiya, what are YOU doing here? You don't play Lego Star Wars??" lol.

Dominique said...

As it happens, I also have that game...on my emulator.

Happy Mother's Day to Meme!

chaz said...

Nice one, 'Day. Thanks Doms, hope you and your family had a good Mother's day too.