Saturday, April 28, 2007

Growing Up With Freddy

A couple of weeks ago our little boy's child care center had a teddy bear picnic. The kids were encouraged to bring their teddy bears to child care so they can share stories about the bears they bring and where they came from. Of course, when I heard about it there was only one bear that our boy could bring, Freddy the Bear.

Freddy was a gift from my mother to our little girl. I'm not sure why she named her Freddy but I think it's just so it rhymes with Teddy. Over the years, Freddy had gotten his own wardrobe and at one stage was always our daughter's sleeping companion. But the one reason that Freddy is so memorable is because the Freddy the Bear was no bigger than our little boy when he first came home, and we had the pictures to prove it.

Our Boy circa 2003

Our Boy circa 2007


zaizee said...

So cute! Baby Nico's such a big boy now. He was the same size as Freddy, soon he'll grow as tall as his Dad.

chaz said...

cute ba? heheh, can't take the credit for that one. I do hope he grows as tall as me but not too soon, I hope.