Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Geek Weekend

Last weekend was a geek weekend for me. I finally got my home network setup the way I wanted it. I've left 2 computers in the bedroom/study, the G3 iMac and the Macbook Pro attached to the broadband modem/router. I had to extend the range of the wi-fi with a wireless network extender so it could reach to the other end of the house where I put the iMac G5 with its brand new Airport Express wireless card.

I had to ditch the USB wi-fi dongle that I initially bought for the iMac G5 because it would intermittently drop out. I can reset the connection by reseating the device but I couldn't find a permanent solution. I had that set up for a few weeks, did all the necessary things like update drivers etc but no go. I finally bit the bullet and purchased an Airport Extreme wireless card ( the original iMac G5's didn't come with one ) and installed it easily enough.

The USB device was put to good use because the next day, I helped set up our good friends' new broadband connection and wireless network. Their laptop didn't have a wireless card so the USB dongle fit the bill perfectly. At any rate, I was helping them set it up we made a day of it our kids playing together and us staying for lunch and dinner. In the end I got to get their 3 computers set up for networking and on the internet. I even got to upgrade one of their Windows 98 computers to Windows XP. Yup, all in good geeky fun.

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