Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fools Day and a Picnic

Not that anyone pranked us or anything but we did spend a nice Sunday afternoon in the park with old and new friends. Our old friends organized a little picnic with a few Pinoy families who've recently moved to South Australia. It was good to meet them and I'm even quite happy that a couple of them even came from my old alma mater.

Probably a few years ago, Filipinos migrating to Australia and South Australia in particular would have been, if not rare at least unusual as the US seemed to be the destination of choice of many Filipinos. People with family in the US always had it as the first destination when migrating from the Philippines. It seems nowadays with Australia's skills shortage, we get more and more new migrants coming into the country, Filipinos included.

It's quite good to see the Filipino community growing here with more skilled migrants. Australia seems to need them.

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