Thursday, June 08, 2006

Start of Winter

Our little girl is well and truly over her illness now.  She's been in school for the past 2 weeks and so far so good.

However, it won't be long until that nasty virus makes it's way around the family.  This morning we found that the boy had a little temperature.  Not too high but still not the normal 36.5ºC.  I hope it won't be too bad as he seems to be made of hardier stuff.. :)

It's been a real cold start to the winter, with temps already down to single digits over night.  Over weekend we're expecting it to reach down to 3ºC and I'm dreading sinus headaches that come with cold weather.

Over the past few weeks, the wife and I had taken to tending what amounts to our little garden.  We've cut and pruned quite a lot from our lavender, rosemary and rose bushes.  We haven't touched those plants in years ever since we moved into the house and we thought it was hight time we did something about the jungle that is our front and back yard.   We pruned so much over the past 2 weeks that we were able to fill 2 green waste bins worth of cuttings!  Our neighbor was kind enough to let us borrow theirs but we don't even think that the job's half done yet.  My wife's gotten so into it that she's bought a gardening book and is earnestly studying it to see what we can do with our own patch.

This weekend is a long weekend in South Australia with a holiday this Monday but I think it only means more gardening for us.  No pictures yet, at least, not until we think it's presentable...


Anonymous said...

the 7th of june was the birthday of marylou,wife of delmer so we had BBQ at their place which is just across the street.on the 8th was Bobby's and Daddad's birthday so we had chinese lunch with bobby,duitay,clydon,ridge,malou,delmer,sha-sha,fritz, usual we were not able to eat all the ordered food.It was a family affair-share cila sa bill!!
we are doing well,health-wise
today I am going to start my second job in a nursing home just across the block.Daddy is working only half day starting this june.
hope nico is doing glad that bianca has recovered from the flu!!
take care-mommy

chaz said...

Hi Mother Dear, you're certainly keeping yourself busy. I hope you don't wear yourself out. Nico still has fever but he's still up and about.