Friday, June 23, 2006

Australa 2 - Croatia 2

And the dream lives on!  Australia makes it through to the 2nd round of the World Cup.  It was a hard fought match with the Soccerroos clawing back from being a goal down from the 2nd minute.  Australia only needed a draw on this game to advance to the knockout round of 16.

The game started at 4:30AM so I had to sleep early to make sure I woke up for the start.  I was on tenterhooks and when Harry Kewel scored the tying goal in the 79th minute I just leaped out of bed and shouted for sheer joy waking up my poor wife! 

It's a historic win as it's Australia's first time into the 2nd round of the World Cup ever!  The streets of Melbourne and Sydney are going off and filled with people celebrating the win.  There were live viewing sites in the cities and these people were up all night watching the huge game on TV.  In the middle of winter, that's commitment!

We will be facing Italy in a knockout game in four days.  It would be another sleepless night for many!

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