Thursday, June 15, 2006

Adelaide's Coldest Day

Adelaide just experienced its coldest winter day in 24 years.  For most of the week we were waking up to frosty mornings but yesterday, temperatures plunged to a record 0.6ºC.   This made for almost icy conditions, at least as icy as Adelaide is ever going to get.

The frost was everywhere.  It was on cars, on lawns and on rooftops.  I've seen frost here before but it was never this thick.  As I was taking my daughter to school, I had half a mind to walk through the frosty ground and pretend it was snow!

Cars parked outside had their windshields covered with thick frost.  It's not as thick as what you get in North America but it's still a hassle shaving the frost off.  

Can't wait for this winter to be over ( in 2 months... )

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