Monday, June 19, 2006

Australia 0 - Brazil 2

Brazil football magic have claimed another victim in the Socerroos early today. I watched the match until the wee hours of the morning and although the result didn't go the Aussie's way, the team did themselves proud in facing the challenge of the world champoions with the same fighting spirit that's earned the respect of many football nations.

After the scoreless first half, the Australians proved that they could keep up with the Brazilians. The score belies the effor the Aussies put into that second half with almost half a dozen chances to score. Second half substitute Harry Kewell found himself an open goal that would have only required a tap in to produce a tie but, alas, it was not to be as the ball sailed wide.

Although the result did not go our way, we were never expected to win that match at all. Of course I was disappointed but then I guess I was just hoping against hope that we could get a result. However, the Socerroos have a significant chance to make it to the 2nd round this time if they keep the same composure and spirit the gave Brazil against Croatia.


zaizee said...

You sound like such a sports dad now.


chaz said...

Thanks 'day! It's not father's day here so I don't get to be pampered. :)