Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Reception School Interview

We had an interview with our daughter's teachers this week. It's a parent/teacher meeting to update us about how she's been doing at school. It's sort of a mid-term review of her performance in school.

I'm happy to report that the teachers were particularly impressed with how she's performing. No surprises really and it was good to know that she's doing really well.

Just a few of the things her teachers mentioned:
  • Although she reads at an excellent pace, her teachers are focusing on her writing skills as they weren't at the same level as her reading. Thanks to them, it has vastly improved over the school term.
  • She needs to learn not to take herself too seriously. She has to know that it's ok to laugh at one's mistakes as sometimes she's so serious about getting things right.
  • She's one of those students who can be trusted to see tasks through to completion. "You can trust her to get it done," as one of her teachers said.
  • She apparently gets frustrated sometimes when she's working with other kids in a group and they don't listen to her to do the right things. She cried one time when the kids in her group didn't do what she thought what was asked although the teachers did say that she was right at the time.
  • She helps read and explain tasks to her other classmates.
  • In her reading, she needs to learn more ways to attack or figure out unfamiliar words. Her teachers also encouraged us to push her to read more advanced reading material. More novellettes and less picture books, I think.
  • She knows she does well in school but she's not big-headed about it. Apparently she's a very popular girl as she's very helpful and kind and a friend to many.
Not to toot our own horns or anything but there was no huge surprises really. Our early introduction to reading with her has helped her out a lot in school and we're glad that her friendly nature has shone through as well. Gosh, I think we're doing well as parents.

Here's hoping the teenage years aren't too bad. And if they are, we can always have this blog post to reminisce on.

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