Monday, March 27, 2006

Sports Day 2006

Last Friday was our daughter's first school sports day. Sports day is like our old intramurals at elementary school with lots of games and competitions for the school kids.

The school day was shifted to start in the afternoon so instead of bringing the kids to school in the morning, parents started bringing them to school after lunch at 12:30. A nearby community park called an oval was transformed to host different little games for all the school kids to participate in. The sun was burning down at 3:30 when we brought the little boy to the oval and waited with all the other parents there for the kids to start marching in. The forecast called for sunny and 34ºC but the school had this policy that if ever the temperature called for more than 34ºC the sports day would be cancelled. It never happened and the kids started to march into the oval a little before 4PM.

Our little girls reception class was divided into the different groups and we were told before hand that she was in the blue group that day. The different teams then settled themselves in the middle of the oval all excited and raring to go. The event started with a big war-cry or cheering contest as the different colour teams ( red, blue, green and gold ) did their best to out-cheer the others. It was a loud start to the games!

After the big cheering thing, all the classes then went off to different events like ball throwing, kicking, cricket batting and running. Scorers would take down points for every team colour and added it to the running tally. It was a bit hot but each child came prepared with their own drinking bottles and snacks and they all got to drink and rest between each game.

Our girl seemed to have fun doing all the throwing and kicking and it was great to see her in action. Of course, like all other parents, all we could do is shout encouragement and take pictures from the sidelines.

As the events wore on, the wife and I took turns with watching her and watching the boy in the shade. We sat down with friends and waited for the games to finish and scores to be tallied. In the end, the winning group was Gold and Blue, I think, came in second.

It was a fun and tiring day for everyone, least of all for our little athlete...

Enjoy the photos folks, click on them for a bigger version!

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