Saturday, March 11, 2006

Don't Like It!

The boy has developed this annoying habit of expressing his dislike of things. He's learned to say, rather, shout: "Don't Like It!".

He sometimes gets like this when we try to give him a bath or feed him dinner or change his clothes. When he's not in the mood he would just go "Don't Like It!". Of course he pretends that's the end of it but as parents, our goal has ever been to be persistent.

So despite the screams of protestations, the repeated shouts of "Don't Like It!" , he still finds himself fed, clean and fully clothed in the end. Of course, this effort then leaves his poor parents frazzled, drained and driven almost insane!


Dominique said...

I would tell 'im that "Don't like it" is an awkward phrase to say, and doesn't quite convey enough willfulness.

Instead, he should learn: "Don't wanna!"

There. Rather than just expressing preference, he is now expressing will.

See how it rolls off the tongue? "Donwanna! Donwanna! DONWANNA!" And he could accompany that with crossed arms and stamping of feet.

He he he, we'll make a protestor of him yet.

chaz said...

Oh, he's got the arm crossing and feet stamping down pat!

Hmmm.. remind me not to leave my son alone with you. The next thing I know he'll be marching through the streets protesting my parenting skills! :)