Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Birthday Boy

Three years ago, a few weeks before I was due to give birth to my second child, I was in a constant worry and panic mode. I just had this gut feeling this baby was going to come out early. I was so concerned about who would look after then 2-yr old Bianca when this baby decides to come out!

Finally, my sister arrived and that very night I was taken to the hospital for much stronger and regular contractions. By the next morning, our little boy was born. At first, we could not decide what name to give him. But with the help of big sister Bianca, he was named NICO.

A year later, we have a very loud and active boy was crawling, standing and beginning to walk. He was also a picky eater, even refusing ever-reliable mashed banana! By the time he turned 2 yrs old, his cheeky personality was in full swing as he loved to smile and wink at all the pretty ladies! Also a very active boy who loved to climb and jump, especially the dining table.

Now, he's beginning to show another strong trait, that of being assertive. He knows what he wants, does everything in his power to get it and screams when he doesn't get it. If big sister had a chance to get the toy first, he will shout 'naughty!' and even attempt to give her a smack on the hand! Sharing is not one of his strong points. But on the flipside, he's also very eager to please us by his funny antics and most especially helping around the house (eg. cleaning windows, setting the table, fetching a few things, dressing and undressing himself). He also has this sense of order (eg. he won't begin another task without completing the previous one).

Now that Bianca is in school most of the day, I finally get the chance to spend time alone with him. I must admit, I'm really enjoying it! He's not a baby anymore, that leaves me with mixed feelings. It makes me so happy to see him develop physically, emotionally and mentally. But he's also growing more independent each day, pretty soon I know he won't be needing me as much and will be relying on others, and that makes me a little jealous. Funny, its like having a boyfriend you know you have to 'share' with others at some point in time. Oh well, I guess I will just have to make the most of the time that he is 'all mine'.



zaizee said...

Happy Birthday Nico!!!

Manang, you're Little Man is growing up so fast... he's cute as ever.


Meme said...

Thanks for the greetings, am sure the 'Little Man' will appreciate it.

Guess what, Bianca is also proving to be popular with a few boys at school, and its driving your Manong Chaz crazy! Nice to know I'm not alone, hehehe.