Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Cricket Worries

Every other day is a sports day in our girl's school. She seemed hesitant to go today and when we asked her why she said that she wasn't too good at cricket. She said that her sports teacher was trying to teach the kids to bat and she couldn't get comfortable with it to hit the ball properly. We explained to her that it was quite normal not to be good at things at the start but with constant practice, she would be able to hit the ball with ease. I even had to explain that I myself don't know how to play cricket and I promised her that we'd go out this weekend to buy a cricket set so she could practice at home.

Anyway, when I got home today she was all smiles and told me that she was able to bat the ball all by herself. I'm so glad she got over her apprehensions. I think it's always good to encourage kids in what they do no matter how small the task they face. They look for guidance and recognition a lot and I think it just builds their self-confidence if we keep at it.

Our kid is such a worry wart sometimes. It takes a while to re-assure her of things that seem trivial to us which to her, it's probably the most important thing in the world.

At any rate, can you imagine how aussiefied our kids are becoming! It's all about the cricket now. I should really try and get to understand that game some more because at the rate it's going, my kids might be the ones to teach me a thing or two about it. :)

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