Sunday, July 20, 2008

Writing Stories

Just recently we've found out that the girl started to write her own stories. Her mom found a piece of paper the other day with the beginnings of a short story that the girl was working on. It was something to do with a child who needed to know his true identity. It was a good beginning and although I offered to write the first paragraph down in the blog she didn't really want to because she said it wasn't finished yet.

Of course, I shall respect her wishes as a writer and won't put it down here but I'm glad that she's actually showing a writing bent. At school they are actually thought to write stories about their weekends or what happened during school holidays but this is the first time I've actually seen her write something outside of school and just for herself.

I hope she can keep up her love of reading and writing as I'm eager to see how her story ends...

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PS. I can't wait to read Bianca's short stories. Good job, biankikay! :)