Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Lucky Road

My wife knows as much as anyone how hard it is to keep kids occupied during the summer holidays. With the hot weather these past few days, it's been doubly difficult to keep them entertained indoors. The late afternoons are the only times we can have the kids outside and play without getting too much of the hot Aussie sun.

The other day they went to work on creating chalk drawings on the pavers outside the house. They were very creative in building a theme the girl called "The Lucky Road". They used the chalk to decorate a make believe street with lucky charms like four leaf clovers, hearts, horseshoes and butterflies. They also drew an envelope on the ground and when I asked the girl why an envelope is a lucky thing she explained that "sometimes envelopes contain special letters just for you."

It didn't matter anyway as I thought what is lucky for us parents is the fact that the two kids still have great fun playing together. They come up with the most amusing games and although they make a mess sometimes ( or always ) it's good to know that they get along so well. Most of the time anyway... :)


zaizee said...

The kids' work is awesome! I love the theme.. I think we did that in our garage back in Dumaguete, too. But we only used the chalk to draw the Patintero lines. LOL

I love how Bianca & Nico get along so well together.. Tell me, were we at all like that when we were their age?? :)

chaz said...

hehehe. I don't think we were. All I can remember is teasing you until you cried... :D