Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Birthday Today

Another year rolls by and it's already the little girl's birthday again. She has turned seven and we can't believe she's growing up so fast. This morning she woke up and, as is our tradition, got her gifts from us and from some of our relatives. She was so happy as she tore open the wrapping and quite grateful to receive the gifts. It's not easy to think of gifts for her because she'd usually get the gifts she was hoping to get on Christmas. This time we actually took her shopping first last weekend and she knew the kind of gifts that she was getting from us. That didn't stop her though from asking her mom to still wrap it so she had something to open up this morning.

At any rate, I had to go to work and the kids spent their day with their mother baking a birthday cake among other things. We didn't plan anything today because we already had a birthday party planned for her on the weekend. But, I actually was able to bring home another gift for her as well as some balloons. To at least celebrate the day we asked her where she wanted to eat out for dinner. She had to think about it for a bit and, like any kid, she decided she wanted to eat at McDonalds.

So she's seven today, a great milestone. I think the Jesuits have a saying that goes, "Show me a boy at seven and I show you the man." If that applies to girls as well then I think we're such lucky parents. She's a sweet, caring and intelligent girl. We're looking forward to seeing her exactly as she is now when she's grown up. But, she can take her time getting there. We're not in any hurry.


zaizee said...

Happy Birthday, Bianca!!! Tita Zai misses you so much! I hope you had, or will have, a fun birthday celebration.. Don't grow up too fast, ok?

- Hi to Nico! Tito Ian misses your knock-knock jokes.. :)

We Love You!

chaz said...

Thanks Tita Zai!