Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Boy's First Day of School

And the day has come. The little boy was very excited, of course and more so his big sister. We got everything ready the night before so we wouldn't be in too much of a hurry in the morning. I got their lunches ready and the wife had their uniforms all laid out. We got them to bed early and we even called it an early night ourselves.

We were all up relatively early and after breakfast and getting them dressed, we actually were all set before 8:00AM. As we drove off, our girl asked who was going to be dropped off first, forgetting that both of them were off to school that day.

At any rate, we arrived to the hustle and bustle of the school's first day. Parents were dropping the kids off and lingering around. The school even had a nice coffee stall for the parents, maybe to relieve the first time jitters. We found the boy and girl's classrooms right next to each other which was great. Easy enough to pick them up at the same time.

Soon the teachers arrived and everyone swarmed into their classrooms. It was a good thing that the boy already had a friend in the class and he was pretty settled. It wasn't long before he was already playing with the activities the teacher had laid out on the table. As for the girl, she settled right in and was pretty excited as well to act as the big sister for his little brother.

Anyway, both of them are now in school. Quite a change for us and I guess we can't help but feel a tiny bit emotional as he takes his first big independent steps.

For most parents, though, having both kids school means something else entirely, and I can totally understand. Because we went off to work, we couldn't stop and have coffee at the school table. As we begged off on the invitation, the lady at the table laughed and said, "Yes, Go! By all means, enjoy your freedom!" We couldn't help but laugh as well. I guess it is a well earned break for many mum's and dad's.

Now, what to do with this spare time... hehehe. :)


zaizee said...

nice. :)

Bianca & Nico are off to their own brand new adventure... WOW. They're going to do great!

chaz said...

Yup, we hope so! :)

fritz said...

congratulations on your "freedom"! hahaha :)

wow, the kids look so cute in their uniforms. good job, you two!

chaz said...

Thanks Instsik! We might not have any spare time at all as the extracurricular activities start!