Sunday, February 25, 2007

New Walls

What a busy week this has been! I said that when the new floor came in that our walls looked a bit tired and needed a little spruce up. Well, over the last few days we went ahead and did it and gave our living room walls a fresh coat of paint.

One of the hardest tasks to do before we even started was deciding on a colour. I guess the wife and I didn't really want too much of a dark colour as we felt it wouldn't look too good at night and we had to be sure that it went well with the colour scheme we already had with our blinds. We went and chose a selection of light greens and blues and finally deciding on a light blue colour called Angora Blue.

My wife scoured the internet for some DIY guides and found some handy tips from Bunnings where we eventually bought all our supplies: plastic sheets, rollers, brushes, paint tray etc. We had to prep our walls by cleaning them with sugar soap which the kids were only most enthusiastic to do. I let them to it because once we started painting it wouldn't be a good idea to put house paint and kids in the same room together.

At any rate, once we had our walls cleaned and prepped, it was almost a simple matter of using the roller brushes. It took a couple of coats but the results were good enough. Of course, we're not professional painters and there are blemishes here and there but it was our first attempt at a DIY/renovation thing and I dare say it's not half bad. Ok, ok, if you see a few errant paint marks here and there that would be my handiwork, not my wife's.


Che-ann said...

Wow, congratulations guys! It's just been 2 months in year 2007 and you've done a lot already. Hats off to a great team!

manny said...

Wow, parang naka-prep na yung wall para sa projector ah.... hehehe