Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New Floor

Ever since we've learned about our boy's allergies, we've been trying to find ways to keep our house allergen free. Stuff like replacing the drapes with blinds, or just taking peanut butter out of the pantry. Yesterday, we went and got rid of the biggest dust catcher in our home: the carpet.

These past few weeks have been sort of hectic as we prepared the house. We cleared out the garage and moved furniture around. The other day, our good friends came over and helped us move the bigger pieces of furniture and helped us rip out the carpet. Yesterday, the tradies delivered and installed the floating floorboards in a day. There's still some carpeting to trim today but otherwise they did a good job of it.

Now, this is the first time our floor has been really clean since we've moved!


Dominique said...

Hi, Chaz and Meme: good choice. Carpets are also breeding ground for all sorts of ticks. I didn't realize that until I started catching something at a boarding house I stayed in. Hope things are going well.

mommy etts said...

hi chaz and meme,
good job!! about time to get rid of that carpet- the floor look very nice!!
easy to clean the floor di ba!!

love- mommy etts

chaz said...

Thanks Mom I hope it is indeed easier to clean. It's only been a few days but your grandkids are really testing how durable the floor is. :)

Doms, things are going well, and yes, you don't realise what's lying under all that carpet until you rip it out!

fritz said...

good job! ;)