Saturday, January 06, 2007

The High Cost of Holidays

A few days ago I got a text message saying that my brother was in hospital. I tried to call him as soon as I could and although it was worrying at first, I was just glad to hear from him in good spirits. Well, apparently his blood sugar got way too high which causes this particular episode. Yup, the holiday feasts have caught up. He's a full fledged diabetic already and from now on I think he's going to live like one. That means healthy living and the daily insulin shot.

He's hopefully doing well now and taking as much rest as possible. I've always heard that doctors make the worst patients so I know his doctor ( and our good neighbors and friends ) will probably have their hands full just making sure my brother is not being too buluyagon with his health. :)

Take care for now 'bro. Get some sleep. I'll check up on you soon.


zaizee said...

Very bulyagon indeed! We talked on the phone and he pretended to sound like a stroke victim which is so NOT funny.

Poor kid, Big says he keeps on complaining that he gets hungry at work all the time.. Oh, whatever shall we do?

chaz said...

mao lagi, unsalan man nato ni sya? hehe

tater said...

pa kaona na ko ninyo oi!!!! bwahahahahahaha