Saturday, February 10, 2007

Keeping Up With Blogging

I know I said I'd be posting about some of our trip to the Gold Coast but since we've got back I've been finding it hard to sit down in front of the computer and just write. I don't know, could be we've just been too busy at home and work. When we got home, it was already our daughter's first week at Year 1, and my wife has started regular work as well so we're all getting used to the new routine. On days that my wife works, she leaves home early so we get the kids ready for school first and as my wife leaves for work, it's up to me to bring the kids to school and daycare. We pick them both up together at the end of the day and head for home for dinner or sometimes just eat out when we're feeling particularly tired.

At any rate, with the new flooring, we've also noticed that our lounge walls are looking a bit tired so we're now contemplating painting the walls as well. So we've been occupied looking at paint colours as well as finding a right time to do it. Ah, well, real life catches up for the moment and I hope to resume my regular posting schedule soon.


Anonymous said...

hi chaz and meme,
home-school-work-home- routine which you will come to know that its the next phase as a family!!
before you know it-the kids are grown up already he,he
enjoy every minute of it
hope you can come up with a nice paint for your walls!!
mommy etts

chaz said...

Thanks mother dear, yeah it's a different phase in our lives that's for sure. Getting used to it all over again.