Friday, February 02, 2007

Gold Coast 2007

We just spent a nice 5 day vacation up in the Gold Coast in Queensland. We usually take our holidays going back to the Philippines but this time we thought it would be a real treat for the kids to see some of the theme parks here in Australia and also we parents thought it wouldn't be as hectic as going back to the Philippines. We thought it would be nice to go on a "real" holiday for a change.

The hotel we stayed in was voted best resort hotel for families in a poll conducted last year so we really had high expectations of it. However, our first impressions were quite dashed when we saw our room. It wasn't exactly what we pictured in the brochure but we tried to make the best of it. The rest of the resort, thankfully, was up to par. It had 4 swimming pools with a small water slide and even a hot spa. The resort catered for the kids with an adventure playground and even a Kids Zone where parents can drop their kids off for a couple of hours.

Except for the swimming pools ( and the buffet breakfast! ) , we didn't take advantage of most of the resorts amenities. We had quite a full schedule. The day after arriving, we went to Warner Brothers Movie World, the next day we visited the beach at Surfer's Paradise. The 4th day we went to Dreamworld, another theme park, and had a day of shopping on our last day.

I'll try to post about our theme park adventures next time. I've put up some pictures in our Flickr site just to show how tiring it was!

Click on picture below to do a slide show of the pictures we took.

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jesse said...

I can see from the pictures that you really had a fun time during the Gold Coast vacation. As for the hotel, well there are lots of others you can choose from. Try out:

I've got friends from the Philippines who love to migrate to Australia. Maybe I can suggest your blog to them.

Hey, would you mind if we link up?

Thank you so much.