Monday, April 17, 2006

School Holidays

School breaks (also known as school holidays) in Oz are different from the school breaks in Manila. Here, there are 4 school breaks lasting between 2-6 weeks in a school year over here, whereas there's just one long summer vacation in Manila for about 2 months! During the preschool era for my kids, there was not so much drama during these breaks. After all, they were contented with just watching TV, videos, going to the park and playgroups. Keeping them happily occupied at home was not a problem.

But now that Bianca started going to school, she always poses this question to me on the ride from school to home: " What fun thing am I going to do when we get home?" On schooldays, I could always suggest a number of things like "have a snack, watch TV, do your homework, read a book, make a drawing, etc.". But now that she's officially on school holidays, she has more time on her hands at home that its not easy coming up with ideas. She asks this question at least 4 times a day!

Good thing we started with a long easter weekend that we managed to invite some friends over that that kept them happy for a while. Tomorrow, hubby goes back to work and its back to reaity for me as I am left alone to think of activities for them. I'd hate to go to the shopping malls as I know it will be crowded and its a costly way to pass the time. As I try to become an organized mom, I had thought of a few ideas to prepare for the coming days. However, I've already used up more than half of them at this point with still 2 weeks to go!

Oh well, so much for preparation. Maybe I can just take my cue from them, be a little more spontaneous. Who knows, they may not want to do as much, or they will have more ideas than I do ... I hope.

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