Sunday, April 02, 2006

Kid Funnies Part 10

One of the things I do everyday is give my kids a bath. I've been giving them a choice lately on whether they take a shower or actually take a bath in the bathtub and always they've never agreed on anything. When one of them says "shower", the other always says "bath". I've become exasperated today when I asked them whether they wanted a bath or a shower.

Girl: "Shower!"
Boy: "Bath!"
Girl: "Shower, shower!"
Boy: "Bath! Bath!"

My wife stepped in and said she'd be making the decision. So she said, "Ok, everybody takes a bath!"

The boy enthusiastically then said, "SHOWER!!" We all burst out laughing.

So the boy has been taking the opposite side all this time just for the fun of it.



Dominique said...

Duck season!

Rabbit season!

Duck season!

Rabbit season!

Rabbit season!

Duck season--FIRE!

chaz said...

Yup! That's exactly how it went down... fun times at the Vidal household!