Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sunday at the Art Gallery

Last Sunday we found ourselves at the Art Gallery of South Australia. As part of an ongoing exhibit of modern Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, the Art Gallery had something for the kids to do which was an afternoon of making their own Message Sticks. It was fun for the kids and got them something to do indoors on a wintry day. There was even some snacks provided and we were even treated to a short Aboriginal dance performance.

We usually try to find some things like this for the kids could do during the weekends and this time around we were able to find some free activities. There's usually something going on and we always have a look at the local newspapers or the free kids magazines that are usually available around. It's a good idea and gets us out of the house to explore more of Adelaide.

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zaizee said...

oh, very cool indeed. Happy Birthday Mng Meme! :)