Sunday, June 22, 2008

Good Deed for the Day

We went to visit the city today and as we were finishing up lunch the little girl and I noticed that someone left their ATM card on one of the nearby teller machines. After picking the card up and making enquiries I went to drop it off at the information kiosk.

As I was standing in line to speak to the concierge, the persons in front of me were asking if someone dropped off an ATM card. I read the name out loud on the card, they turned and I could see the relief in their faces as I handed them their card.

It's nice to be able to do a good deed like that as it's good for one's karma. Makes one feel warm inside despite the distinct winter chill in the air.


bongu said...

great job chaz!

chaz said...

Thanks Bongski. :) Napaka-boyscout talaga ano? heheh

bongu said...
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bongu said...

its good more so if the kids see you do these things... |you set the tone, john. you set the tone...| Mark Green to John Carter; ER (10th season?)