Monday, June 30, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

This movie was awesome! We almost got blinded by its awesomeness! :)

Seriously though, this movie was excellent.  I have to admit I was a bit concerned with the PG rating at first as we wouldn't normally watch this with the kids but we really had nothing to fear.  From start to finish it was good fun for the kids and for us.  I think the PG rating was for the violence or what passes for violence when cartoon animals are kung fu fighting but it's nothing the kids couldn't handle.

From the opening sequence where Po the Panda was dreaming about fighting along with the Furious Five all the way to the final scenes, it was a great ride.  The kids seemed generally excited throughout the whole movie although there was some bits in the middle where the boy started to become restless but once the fighting started he was hooked.  The fighting itself wasn't scary at all but more fun than anything else.  The boy and girl couldn't stop laughing when Po and Tai Lung ( the bad guy ) had their fight scenes.

This movie borrowed from classic Kung Fu films that I used to and still enjoy.  The training sequence was a real classic.   Even the message of the film about believing in one's self reminded me so much of that other camp classic Kung Fu movie:  "The Last Dragon".

At any rate, this is one movie we would love to watch again.   Remember,  "There is no secret ingredient."

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zaizee said...

Seeeeeee, I told you! lol The movie was an overexposure of AWESOMEness. :D