Sunday, February 03, 2008

Zapata's of Adelaide

We've been wanting to try out Adelaide's oldest Mexican restaurant for some time now. Zapata's touts itself as serving authentic Mexican food. When we first came in, the first thing I noticed was how interesting the decor was. I guess I appreciated the fact that this Mexican restaurant wasn't just one of a chain of restaurants and therefore was unique and stood out on its own.

It had a family friendly atmosphere and there quite a few families with kids having dinner at the time. Our own kids weren't too bored waiting for the food because it did come relatively quick. We ordered some prawn taquitos to start with. The deep fried, prawn filled tortilla roll was good but what was better was salsa and guacamole that came with it. Fresh is always better than the store bought stuff.

The kids had baby nachos and a beef tortilla roll. The girl loved the roll and ate it all up but the boy unfortunately just picked at his baby nachos at first. I guess it was too hot to eat but as it cooled down the cheese got hard and sort of was harder to eat for him.

The wife and I shared the beef and chicken fajitas which were excellent. I liked the presentation of the sizzling fajitas and the fresh toppings that came with it. The sauce was especially nice. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough tortillas that came with the order so I had to order a little more to finish off the meal.

With a family friendly ambiance and wide and varied menu, Zapata's is defintely a place we'd like to visit again.

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