Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tusmore Park

We didn't have anything planned last weekend so on a spur of the moment, we set off and visited Tusmore park. We've heard good things about the park through the Kidding About website so we packed some water and a small snack and set off for the park.

The park itself was in the middle of one of Adelaide's better suburbs so it was no surprise that the park itself was very pretty. It wasn't a very large park but it had lots of trees, a playground, open space and barbecue areas. The main attaction, however, had to be the large covered wading pool. It was early afternoon when we arrived and the park was filled with picnic-goers enjoying the day and kids getting wet on the wading pool.

Our kids made a beeline for the wading pool and jumped in enjoying the cool water. Before they could get completly wet, We had to drag them out so we could at least walk around the park and explore a little bit. The playground had a mini-spiderweb climbing frame that the kids were a bit interested in but not much else. I guess with the wading pool around, the playground really wasn't the more popular destination for the kids at the park.

After a quick play, we sat down under the trees and had our little picnic. It didn't take long for the kids to quickly finish and we headed back to the wading pool again. This time around, they got themselve well and truly wet and in hindsight we should have brought their swim suits with them. Maybe next time...

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