Saturday, October 13, 2007

Philippines Holiday 2007: First Leg

From my daughter's travel journal:


On Sunday I went to my Mum's house. Uncle Teddy picked us up from the airport. The whole family was awake to meet us. There was Lolo, Lola, Tita Gina, Tito Teddy, Tito Jody, Tito Martin, Maya and Tita May.

Tita Gina gave us a gift. The present was pens and bathers that were pink. Then we went to sleep.

Tito = Uncle Tita = Auntie

We arrived late on the Sunday night from Singapore but my wife's family were still up to meet us and the kids. We were staying a day before catching another plane ride to Dumaguete.

We were happily surprised that the grandparents eschewed their usual sleeping time to eagerly wait for their apos arrival.


On Monday I went to the mall with Tita Gina, Mum and Dad, Nico and me. Tita Gina and I got name tags and ice cream. My brother and I went to a little playground then we went back home.

She had these tiny ice cream cones which was really cute.

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