Friday, October 19, 2007

From the Travel Journal


On Tuesday I went to Dumaguete. Lola Etts gave me and a bear. I called mine Briana and my brother's was called Buster. My bear was pink. My brother's bear was brown. I like my bear because it's pink. My mum doesn't like it because it's too pink.


Yesterday I played bowling. My team won which was called Tito Tater B.B. ( team ). I can't put itdown because it's no appropriate. Then we got ice cream which was my prize. I got 500 extra points ( that's how we won. )


Today I went to the beach. We had a little swim and then we had lunch. Then we had another quick swim. Then we had a wash up and then we found shy plants. A shy plant closes it's leaves when somebody touches the shy plant.

Today I went to the beach. We swam in the sea with Fykee, Dad, Tita Zai, my brother, Tito Ian and Tita Jaja. Then we had ice cream and then we looked for fossils. And then we went home and then we had a hair cut.

Today I went swimming. It was lots of fun. My mum was scared because she didn't want to go on the kids slide because she will hit her buttocks. Then we had dinner. Later then we went home.

Yesterday I went out for dinner. I had spaghetti bolognese. I was the first one to finish. Then we went to the boulevard. Then we went to a place that my mum and dad partied after their wedding. We had dessert there then we went home.

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