Sunday, October 21, 2007

From The Travel Journal: Manila Leg


Yesterday it was (cousin) Maya's birthday and when we played the first game I won the grand prize and before that I helped decorate the cup cakes. And we couldnt eat the cake because Maya is going to have another party. Then we went to sleep.


Yesterday we went swimming at the palms club. My favourite thing was going in the deep pool because I could do a bomb. Then we had lunch. For lunch I had cold noodles and plain rice. Then we went home.


Yesterday we went shopping. We had breakfast at a hotel. Then we went to the Manila Polo Club. Later then we went to Fully Booked ( a book store ). And later we went to Krispy Kreme. And we had a grand tour and I made my own doughnut. And after we had dinner.


Yesterday we met Tita Zai and Tito Ian. We had lunch together. And then we went shopping. While I was waiting for Tita Zai and Tito Ian my tooth fell off and that night the tooth rat came. ( The tooth rat didn't take a bath ).


Yesterday we had early Christmas. For dessert we had jelly. The colour of the jelly was green and red. And we opened the presents. There were lots of presents. We had lots and lots of fun!


che-ann said...

Welcome back! Maybe it's time to add the little girl in your blog's contributors list :)

chaz said...

Thanks Che-ann, yeah, maybe we should.