Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Aftermath...

Ah, finally a little more breathing space. Christmas morning came and went, the kids opened up their presents in record time, so fast in fact that the girl was wondering if there were more gifts to open when they tore through the presents they had under the tree. We got them a small aquarium and Santa gave a doll house for the girl and a set of Wiggle's toys for the little boy. They also had fun with the presents from the grandparents and it was nice that they had something to open up from the lolos and lolas.

It's been a hectic few days in the house. We were sort of cleaning up the past weekend, getting ready for a little get together. We invited our friends over to spend Christmas day here and we sort of planned a whole day thing. We started with lunch and ended close to midnight already. As usual, there was lots of food, lots of laughs and good converstation. Surprisngly, no alcohol consumed and still a good time was had by all.

We already went to church the night before so after opening the presents, we got ready to prepare for lunch. In the end we prepared so much food: steaks, potato salad, garlic prawns, leche flan, crema de fruta that we were bursting from the seams after lunch. Our friends even prepared pancit bihon as well so there so much food already. We then had more guests arrive for merienda and dinner so I made sushi to top up the food. It was so much like a typical Christmas get-together that so much food almost seemed normal.

It was great to have our friends around for Christmas, tiring but great. Because we don't have family here, having good friends to share the holidays is always a blessing. I can remember the past few Christmases that we'd spend just with the kids and ourselves and although it was still fun and brought us closer, there's always something to be said about having good friends and a bigger family around you during the holidays.

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