Friday, December 01, 2006

Boys Day Out

My wife and daughter often have their "girls days" so last weekend, I decided to take our boy out just for a little "boys day" of our own. The truth is that our little girl wasn't feeling very well as she had tonsillitis and because I had errands to run that day I took our boy out so he wouldn't have to be cooped in the house.

We left the girls at home and set off to do our errands. It was pretty enjoyable for him as it wasn't always that I'd take him out alone. It's always either with his sister or with his mom. Anyway, he's really coming into his own nowadays. He's developing a personality and he's quite assertive. He likes to be told what the plans are and what we were going to do first and next and he get's a bit upset when things don't go according to plan.

This day I told him we were going first to the post office, then the shops then to one of our favourite ( well at least mine ) stores, Officeworks. He was quite happy when we started out, I even asked him to remember a couple of things that we were supposed to buy at the shops. He got his hand stamped at the post office and he even remembered what we needed to get at the shops as well.

On the way to Officeworks, I thought I'd stop by a car parts shop next to it. This was when all heck broke loose! He kept saying "Not a good idea, Daddy, we go to Officeworks!" He then started crying and the tears started streaming down his face as he kept insisting on going out of the car shop and into the Officeworks next door. He pulled and tugged and despite my best efforts to try and pacify him I resignedly trooped out of the store with him. Funny thing was, as soon as we stepped out of the door, he suddenly stopped crying, wiped his face and said "See, Officeworks. Good idea!"

Yup, that's our boy. I fall for it every time... :)


fritz said...

hehehe. funny pic :D I can do something like that too, but my eyes dont really go in like Nico's. The boy's got talent!

chaz said...

Doesn't he? bitaw lagi heheh. He's quite funny when he wants to be.