Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Spring Time at the Beach

Although it just turned spring it's still quite cold. Last weekend, however, the sun came out and it was warming up to almost summer temperatures. We decided to be spontaneous and packed the kids up for a morning at the beach!

It turned out to be a great day. The calm waters and the clear blue skies was the perfect recipe to shake off the winter blues. The water was still freezing cold but the kids didn't seem to mind as they screamed in delight every time they jumped into the water. There was hardly any wind and the day was a wonderful 27ÂșC warm so after the beach we decided to stick around and let the kids play at the nearby playground. We had a late lunch of fish and chips at the kiosk in front of the playground to cap our spontaneous beach excursion.

At least we got to enjoy that day because today's weather has gone back to gloomy and rainy!


Dominique said...

I love the beach shot with Bianca jumping up.

zaizee said...

ooohhh.. Bianca has a little burn on her lil nose. cccuuuttteee..

chaz said...

Doms - wish that we could have warmer weather soon for more beach shots like those.

Dayra - ana gyud na mga mesitza! :)

fritz said...

to chaz:
any chance of seeing u in a speedo? u deliciously sexy beast you! hehehe. ;)