Sunday, September 10, 2006

Laugh Out Loud

Growing up, we were always known as those loud Vidal kids.  We'd raise quite a racket when my siblings and I got together.  We'd be horsing around our house and play games and generally just be a loud as we could.  Sometimes our parents would join in and we'd be tickling and rough housing and pretty soon we would find laughing ourselves to tears. We'd get so loud that sometimes our own neighbours would jokingly call out from their windows and tell us to go to sleep!

Now with my own family I noticed that I seemed to have carried that laugh out loud moments as part of our day.  Our kids love playing around their bedrooms and we'd join in.  I'd be tickling them, playing the "rolling" game pretending to crush them or even just play music and dance around with them.  Our boy would spontaneously do the "conga" dance ( "conga, conga congga!" ) and our little girl would dance to her favourite music!

It's fun sharing those laugh out loud moments with them and just find time to be silly!

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fritz said...

Oh yeah! We da originators and dont u forget it! hehehe. Tsk tsk. Dont crush dem too hard w/ ur barrelling move ;)