Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Going Bananas

The price of bananas have skyrocketed a few months back due to natural calamities. What used to be around $3 a kilo can now command a price of around $14 a kilo .... its crazy! Gone are the days that bananas was a regular product in our shopping trolley. It was easy enough to put in the kid's lunchbox for school. And when there were some leftover, there was always the option of making those banana loaves with choc-chip bits. And it looks like prices will remain this way until about Decemer.

It been almost a month now since we had them. One time I did give in to my cravings, I got about 6 pieces and another shopper approached us and asked "Did you win the lotto?", ha ha ha.

Thankfully, we found a cheaper alternative --- dried banana chips! They cost about $6 a kilo, and it brings back memories of snacks we used to eat on a hot summer day back home. I did not like it much when I was a kid, but now we are addicted to it. Funny thing was, the sign on the supermarket shelf said it was a product from the Philippines. No wonder it tasted so familiar.


Dominique said...

If you move back to Dumaguete, you can get bananas for P15 to P20 per kilo.

Raquel said...

Hey, my hubby buys those banana chips as well. Unfortunately for him, it's been unavailable for several weeks now in our local grocery. Looks like other people have caught on to the same idea. :P