Sunday, July 02, 2006

Busy Weekend

We had a busy time yesterday.  As a celebration of sorts for my wife's birthday we invited some friends over to our place for some lunch yesterday.

The day started early enough as my friend and I went to get some fresh sea food.  He went to pick me up from our house in the morning and I jokingly said to my wife that it was a boys day out. We stopped by to pick up a new acquaintance who has only recently moved to Australia. I thought it was a good idea to show them to Adelaide's sea food market as they had been looking for a place to buy fresh fish for a while now. We

After we picked up some fresh sea food, we stopped by to pick our new friend's daughter as his wife was ready to go to worn and we went back to our house for lunch. My wife was preparing a lunch of pancit palabok so I got some fresh prawns and squid from the seafood market for ingredients for the palabok

Pretty soon were joined by my friend's wife and daughter and we had ourselves a full house. It was a fine lunch with our friends and our kids had fun playing with the two other children. The families had a good time together that, as per usual, they stayed for dinner.  Our wives cooked lumpia shanghai and also went out and bought some dinuguan and caldereta from the Filipino store and we had an instant feast at dinner.

And what did the men do?   We stayed in all afternoon and watched several episodes of Firefly... what can I say, we were lazy... :)

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